Monday, December 23, 2013

How Does DS Domination Work?

If you have been searching for a simple, yet effective way to make a living from home, then you might have come across something known as drop-shipping. While you might be inclined to pass up this type of online business, for fear that it is simply a recruiting scam, it is important to understand that DS Domination is not a scam and that there are thousands of people who are making legitimate money from this type of home-based business. So, how exactly does drop-ship Domination work? Take a closer look at why you might want to consider this your next career move.

Created by Roger Langille, who some would certainly consider an EBay pro, drop-shipping is a network of members who list products  on EBay, regardless of whether or not they actually have the product. These products are then purchased by everyday buyers, typically those that don’t shop around for the lowest price. As a member, you are granted access to wholesale accounts where you can then use a portion of the money the buyer has paid for the item to purchase it and send it to the buyer. Any money that remains is considered profit to the drop-shipping member, and the product never has to physically mailed by the member at all.

While you might be thinking that there is a catch to earning money through DS Domination, you will find that there are no commissions to be paid out and no one to answer to. The products that members choose to sell are entirely up to them, and the money that is generated above the sale of the product is goes directly into the member’s account without commissions or fees.  And, there are even bonus opportunities available for top sellers and those who sign up for affiliate marketing and gather more members. It’s that simple!

But, before you jump into drop-shipping, you are likely going to want to check out a DS Domination review or two to be certain of the results that you can expect. A simple online search will provide you with a number of reviews from individuals who claim to make hundreds or even thousands of dollars each month from simply listing and selling products on EBay. A DS Domination review can be found from individuals at all levels of their membership, including those who are just starting out and are commenting on the thorough provided training, and those who are mastering online sales and making great money. This will give you some great insight as to what you can expect from the time you become a member until you become a top seller.

So, how can you get started with your online money-making adventure? You will find that membership into Domination is by invitation only. Other members must invite you before you can join, however the affiliate marketing program that the site hosts allows certain members to benefit from signing on new members, so there is always a desire to make new business-oriented individuals part of their elite membership.